Summer Reading Program!

News Date: 
30 June 2018

Register for the 2018 Summer Reading Program! Stories, crafts, games, snacks, and fun activities! Ages 3 and up

9:30 am: Welcome! Housekeeping and icebreakers.
9:40 am: Story and discussion
10:00 am: Theme Activities
10:30 am: Snack
10:45 am: Theme activities
12:30 pm: Wrap-up/Home
Daily Themes
July 16th: Saves the Day: Explore your passion for Superheroes!
July 17th: Feathered Friends: Let your imagination and creativity fly as high as the birds!
July 18th: Techies Unplugged: You don’t always have to be plugged in and online to explore technological ideas.
July 19th: Bugaboo: Explore the small, yet fascinating world of insects
July 20th: Collecting Wonders: Discover how collecting creates wonderment!
A snack will be provided each day. If your child has dietary restrictions please notify staff prior to beginning of program. Some programming will be taking place outdoors, please provide sunscreen and bug spray if desired.