History of the Library

Al Dumas, who was Councillor for Ward 5 of County of Northern Lights wanted a library for our community for years. In 2008 Ann Young moved here to take the position of principal at the local school. She and Councillor Dumas met and the idea of the library was set in motion.

June 9, 2009 a meeting was held and it was agreed that the name of the library society would be 'Dixonville Community Library Society'. The Society was incorporated on Oct. 19, 2009. Throughout first year society members were Ann Young, Geraldine Kristensen, Carrie Rasmussen, Edna Tunke, Kathy Woods, Joy Tunke, Jim Sorenson, Hope Klein, Margie Sorenson and Terry Vavrek.

Sustainability funding was approved by the County of Northern Lights No. 22 November 26, 2009 contingent upon the library receiving the required approvals from the Peace River System.

On February 10, 2010 an agreement was signed between the Peace Library System and Dixonville Community Library Society to provide the community with library services.

On April 12, 2010 an "Agreement for the Operation of a Public Library Housed in a School Facility" was signed between the Peace River School Division #10 and the Peace Library System.

Geraldine Kristensen was hired as the first Library Manager in May 2010. Joy Tunke was hired as Assistant Library Manager and Amanda Vance was hired as Student Librarian in June 2010.

Once all of the necessary agreements were signed and staff was hired "The Dixonville Community Library" was ready to be open to the public.

The Dixonville Community Library had its Grande Opening on October 19, 2010. As of August 2011 there were 75 members and the library had 1500 items in the library. Over 20 million items are available through our interlibrary loans system, www.tracpac.ab.ca.

An average of 20 patrons per day visited the library during the first year of being open. The library inter- library loaned an average of 50 items per week. During the summer months we hosted a Special Summer Reading Program for children 0 - 12 and during the rest of the year we had a Story Time for Tots.

In 2011 the library was accepted for STEP worker for the summer for 6 weeks 30 hours a week. Amanda Vance accepted the position of the STEP worker. County of Northern Lights South Recreation Board provided financial support for our Summer Reading Program and our Story Time for Tots Saturday Program.

Joy Tunke, Assistant Librarian, resigned in October of 2011. Amanda Vance resigned as Student Librarian in May of 2012. Pauline Evans was hired as the Assistant Librarian in May 2012. Margie Sorensen and Carrie Rasmussen resigned from the board of managers, due to other commitments at the annual meeting in February. Cayley Cartwright and Allen Dumas were accepted onto the board at the same meeting. Geraldine Kristensen resigned as Library Manger effective November 30, 2012. Cayley Cartwright was hired as Library Manager effective November 1, 2012.