Policies, Plans, and Reports

Public Access to the Internet Procedures

Patrons will sign a Public Access to the Internet User Agreement before using the public access computer for the first time. A parent or guardian must sign for children up to and including 17 years of age or as designated by the library.

Patrons will be provided a copy of these procedures.

Public access computers will normally be available during regular public library hours.

Use of the public access computers is on a first come, first served appointment basis. You must sign in prior to using the computer. Appointments may be made in advance, either in person or by telephone during regular library hours.

Time limits on Internet workstations may be enforced at the discretion of the library employees and/or volunteers to ensure that all patrons have to opportunity to use Internet resources. Space is limited, so no more than two persons at the computer workstation at a time can be a accommodated.

Patrons may send or receive email only if they set up an Internet based account.

Patrons cannot use their own software or download software on the public access computers. Only library owned software programs will be used on the public access computers. Deliberate tampering may result in fines and loss of computer privileges.

Patrons may use their laptops to access wireless service, but may not unplug library computers to use their own equipment. Patrons may use approved storage media such a memory sticks if they wish to save files.

There will be no charge for using the public access computers. There is a per page charge to print on printers supplied by the library. The printing fee will be the current rate for this service set by the library.

Patrons may not be able to access the internet or for to a specific information site for various reasons, including:

    • The library’s internet source is out of service.
    • The library’s public access computers are out of service.
    • There are too many visitors to an internet information site and the host computer is temporarily closed or has limited access to the sites.
    • The host computer for the information site has changed its address or closed down.
    • Access to the information site is restricted to authorized individuals only.

Library staff is available to help patrons access the internet and other electronic resources on the public access computer but cannot provide in-depth training. During library hours, staff may be able to assist with general questions and offer search suggestions. Library staff can suggest training resources for patrons that need more assistance. Due to staff scheduling, internet trained staff may not always be available to assist you.

Parents are asked to supervise their children’s use of the public access computer and internet. Unsupervised children who appear to be unable to use the computers or access the internet will be asked to stop using the equipment.

The public computers and wireless network are located in public areas shared by Library users of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities. Individuals are expected to consider other library users when using the library’s internet computers or personal devices in the library.

The library prohibits use of its public computers and wireless network for illegal purposes.

Misuse of the public access computer or internet access will result in loss of computer privileges at the discretion of the Library Manager. Patrons are responsible for all costs connected with wilful damage to and unauthorized removal of any computer components.

Each library under the Peace Library Board may vary these policies or establish any additional policies it finds necessary to regulate access or prevent misuse.

The library makes no guarantee, either express or implied, with respect to the information available on the internet, nor is the library responsible for any user misuse of copyright or any other violation. Patrons are responsible for any commercial transactions made while using the library’s internet connection.

Unattended Minors Procedures

Minors are permitted to be in the library without adult supervision; however they must follow the library rules. The librarian has the right to ask them to leave if they are behaving in a way as to disrupt the library.